Monday, March 16, 2020

Miles dewey davis essays

Miles dewey davis essays Miles Davis, well known for his studies in Jazz technique and rhythmic know-how, may have been the best in the jazz world of yesterday, or at least the most interesting. To most people in the general public he was a normal trumpet player but to the musical world he was an influence to jazz. Not only was he Leader he was a composer whos studies in the development of improvisational techniques incorporating modes rather than standard chord changes changed jazz forever. This modal playing landed him a hit album Kind Of Blue in 1959. Many of his songs are the standards for todays jazz. Tunes like Nardis, Milestones, and So What are some examples of his songs that many new jazz musicians look up to. Songs like Bye Bye Black Bird and On Green Dolphin Street made him one of the greatest melodic soloists of our time. As were his fellow musicians, Thelonious Monk Count Basie, Miles was a true master of restraint with regard to the creative process of his improvised tunes. His recording in 1954 of The Man I Love with Milt Jackson, Thelonious Monk, and Bags Grove are typical examples of his inner ability of phrasing and time. Miles Davis is also considered a great artistic painter. In 1988 he created a series of abstract paintings. Most of the time Miles appeared on-stage in bright colored clothing that matched some of his paintings. He always seemed to amaze his audiences and fans with the color of sound that came from his horn and from his clothing. Davis had a great gift to be involved in both painting and creating music and be very good at it. He is one of the very few jazz musicians who had the ability to improvise and swing at a constant tempo. He passed away September 28, 1991 and he will be deeply missed. His music and influence in the world of jazz will al ways be remembered. And he will always be remembered as one of the great musicians who carved the world of music as we know it. ...

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