Saturday, February 1, 2020

Richer Districts and Higher Quality of Education Essay - 4

Richer Districts and Higher Quality of Education - Essay Example This is done by giving them education vouchers and this means that they are able to take their children to schools in other districts. To begin with, using this method leads to poor the parents having to deal with more financial issues. When the parents are allowed to use this, their children will have to go further from home which means more transport costs which the parents may not be able to afford. As a result, while this may help the parents to take their young ones to a better school outside the district, it may also mean that they are no able to improve the education of the children. They will not be able to go home early and yet in poor families older siblings are part of helping the parents with younger siblings. Seeding them to school further from home will leads to them being unable to go to a home in the event in good time. In most poor families, the younger children are part and parcel of playing some home chares including helping in the bringing up of the younger siblings. When these kids go to school too far from home, they are not able to go home in time to help their parents with these issues. The other issue is the fact that it leads to school district funding being transferred to other diacritics and this weakens the public schools even further (Hanushek, 258). Giving parents the money to take their children to districts other than where they stay will mean that the funds are being taken outside of the local districts. This leads to the local education in public school getting even worse due to the fact that the funds they would otherwise use to improve their education are being taken to other districts. Apart from that, it also leads to issues of lack of tax accountability of tax to some people which also leads to poorer education.  

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