Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Cigarettes and the effects Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Cigarettes and the effects - Essay Example It is inevitable that smoking cigarettes have devastating effects on health although smokers often claims that it helps them to relax and release stress and also gives them recognition and acceptance. The causes and effects of cigarette smoking are discussed worldwide by scientists and health officials ans it has been discovered that cigarette smoking causes some life threatening diseases and also badly affects the heath quality. However there are number of factors that make people addicted to it. (NY Times) An important cause and temptation towards smoking is nicotine. Nicotine intake brings up a level of good feelings among individuals. People often argues that nicotine has stimulating effect and it relieves tension, depression or even boredom. (Neal, 95) They are actually psychological effects because smoking cannot provide stimulation and reduce tension at the same time. It’s just the release of brain chemicals which makes smokers feel like this way. People who need to smoke a certain numbers of cigarettes in a day at particular times for e.g. after a meal, have already formed a habit and so continue to smoke. They feel that something is missing. Reports show that the dependency on nicotine has increased to12 percent. (CDC) Some young people smoke because they believe that smoking is symbol of adulthood. Statistics show that nine out of ten smokers start to smoke before they are eighteen years old. The advertisers try to give the impression that maturity, social status, happiness and success are linked with smoking (CDC). Some young people start to smoke out of curiosity and then get addicted to it. Many of them start due to peer pressure. They try to intimate their parents or want to be accepted as members of a group of friends who smoke. Their friend’s persistent teasing and urging make them believe that they are not sporting enough. The harmful effect of smoking develops in a period of time. There

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